Palmo Produções is an audiovisuals producing company operating on the market since 2009. We specialise in the area of video contents, namely in events production, audio-visual equipment rentals, technical audio-visual services providing and broadcasting.
More than producing audio-visual contents, we get involved in our client’s (hi)stories. We are dedicated to the organisation and production of events, or, better yet, of occasions, because we wish to make them unique and remarkable for their recipients.
The audio-visual component is currently a means undergoing exponential expansion, so we make sure we are permanently updated, to be able to create new ideal solutions to help you.
Our technical and human resources are ready to offer a broad range of services, from audio-visuals to multimedia.
All our projects have a common pattern of quality, demand and discipline, but also technology, creativity and, above all, passion. These already are the brand images present in all our productions, and the reason why our clients are loyal to our services.
As each case has its own specificities, we present the most adequate solutions to suit each client’s available budget. From the beginning, and in each project, at Palmo Produções we put ourselves in our client’s shoes and take up the challenge of producing diversified contents, always with efficient communication in mind, thus achieving the client’s goals, which, in the end, match our own. By building partnerships, we strive to obtain a final product which is suitable for every case.
Besides nurturing the client-supplier relationship, we try to be our clients’ partners, so that we can work together to develop the best solutions for their success.

We make your dreams come true!

Areas of expertise